My pleasure. I want to thank you for bringing out my divine sexual energy. Helping me step into a new dimension and experience. I’m super grateful as well for the universe connecting us together. Can’t wait to keep learning and taking action on the gifts I have been given to help heal the world ❤️🙏🏾 – Dhar  3/23

Aahhhh Yes, your Divine feminine. The cry from within that calls to be sought after, pursued and loved. And the red lips that beckon so longingly; and dark eyes that have such depth; and the wearing of red that shows both invitation and strength, and of course conveys intensity, with which you can love in return. And how perfect, the candles, a small light that can grow in intensity when fanned and yet a dim light that can convey just the right mood. So open and yet so mysterious. I bow and kiss the hand of one so articulate and expressive.

  • Rob 2/23

The honesty and laughter …always so heartfelt. Purest form of sharing…such a wonderful spirit. Trusted vulnerability…exciting and edgy. I also loved your sensation techniques … I love starting soft, slow, teasing and pleasing…allowing the excitement to slowly build…edging to new heights of stimulation…whew…such a remarkable woman 🤤😊🥰Your sweet scent, taste, our pheromones are a wonderful match. You always have such flair … and imagination .-Ted 2/23

I mean it, Sheea! I’ve been lucky to be with some amazing women! But none of them make me weak in the knees the way you do! It takes a genuine goddess to do that! 😊🥰 If anyone ever needs proof that God exists, all they need to do is look at you! I’m happy too. In fact, I think my experiences with you are a big part of why I’ve been so lucky with women lately. I feel they’ve made me a more attractive and confident provider and lover. 😊🥰 😍🥵🤤🥰❤️ ❤️ -Anthony 12/22

Seriously, Sheea. I’ve thankfully reached that chapter in my life where I now get plenty of boob. But of all the ones I’ve been blessed to enjoy, yours are still my absolute favorite! They’re so huge and soft! 😊 But mostly because they’re yours! They belong to you – a true goddess! If there’s any such thing as the perfect woman, it would have to be you! 🥰❤️– Anthony 11/22

Just out of my deepest admiration i express this, everyday i start with seeing your videos and photos now, you are such a god embedded beauty and the radiance and elegance you reflect is truly unique, i am so blessed to have met u in this life, a woman with true aura you are…
-M. 10/22

Baby, You are a Gorgeous Soul and Spectacular Temple to behold❤️💞💓 Aure 9/22

Hi Baby, have a safe journey, you are a Divine Goddess I cherish and adore. I love the wonder filled goddess and your sexy rockstar temple body, so yummmy.😍

I noticed you have such a great positive attitude. You are fearless in your move, and very inspiring. – Greg 🥰

😉I think I told a while ago why I find you fascinating 😂 If someone you’ve never spoken to apart from brief chats on social media leaves you a little breathless when you hear their voice you think.. That’s fascinating! Plus the eyes and the sexiest outfits!  – Derik 8/22

You are literally the most jaw dropping amazing sexiest woman I have ever seen -BW 8/22

You are so darn sexy You have my all time fav body and beauty eyes smile you are such a blessing to Austin Texas. – Dex 

Your natural curves and beauty are gorgeous – Kev 8/22

Hi, thank you for the love and high Spiritual Energy.  I Love and Adore your soul/spirit vibrations. I am absolutely Love your Gorgeous Temple/Body😋

I will always have a special love for you…. 😍May God Bless every step in your Journey.God has blessed me with being  able to share with you… 🥰– tai, 7/22

That was more than I ever expected🤗 Nice to look into your eyes. You’re beautiful. – Scott 7/22

You probably hear that all the time… But here is your latest reminder of your amazing DNA. You are a true angel who was send by god to uplift the human from the darkness of ignorance, your messages and affirmations are so powerful that it can just radiate positivity across the distance even when u r not in front of me as a person, you helped me a lot to over come the sad phase of lockdown and bad health

– Jonathan 6/22

Hey sheea, been doing some of my own education work thru tantra! Been learning a lot. I appreciate u for being my first. I feel like you have superpowers when it comes to the bedroom.

– Tyler 5/22

You are beautiful!  You probably hear that all the time… But here is your latest reminder of your amazing DNA  -Jacob 5/22

I wanted to give you a compliment that you have such a hot beautiful body and your breasts are the sexiest I’ve ever seen or touched, and your flower is as delicious as sweet honey 😘 – Mike 2/22

Good afternoon Shea, I just watched your healing between masculine and feminine video on youtube. It really impressed upon me a lot of ways I fall short as a man in the areas of communication with the opposite sex. The part about porn was definitely important to here, I’d never thought of that before. And the part about ghosting equally made me feel uncomfortable how I treated you,especially after we were intimate and shared that time together. I still think about that to this day and I’m sorry if my non communication hurt you. I hope you can forgive me for being an ass and hopefully we’ll see each other again soon 😘


Everyday I make it a point to go through your posts which is enriching with positivity

And ur knowledge on tantra is phenomenal

I always cherish in taking the vast knowledge you share from ur experience, it is enriching to know how you build connectivity and the inner radiance is truly remarkable, you have a divine aura

I have been an ardent fan and follower of you for years and I find an awakend state watching ur YouTube videos and posts. I will keep loving you. I had a lot of inferiority complex from my past relationship, and it’s your words that has hightened my awareness and self love. You are a woman who has touched me deep when I was sad and u glorified the moment to positive vibes

  • Htesh 3/22

I wanted to give you a compliment that you have such a hot beautiful body and your breasts are the sexiest I’ve ever seen or touched, and your flower is as delicious as a sweet honey 😘

  • mike 3/22

I am feeling grateful to you for sharing your heart and your vulnerability. Thank you for raising my conscious awareness of what a woman is feeling and what is going through her mind.

– Zaq 3/22

So beautiful…YOU MUST BE MAGIC .Its a potent feeling of  beauty rushing energy ..So magnetic and your powerful glow..So curious and awed -Ig fan

You’re perfect. Thanks for the amazing content and incredible feelings. Still can’t describe your magnetism.

Also, as a fan and advocate of your work. I think I can speak for everyone when I say we like new content. The new, current Sheea.  Old content is always cool, but I love your look and spirit these days. Your body is even more impeccable than in years past. Anyway, just my take. Thanks for everything.


Sheea is a beautiful soul that helped me recover what I thought I had lost in prostate surgery. She helped me realize it could be even better than ever!

Gary, Tennessee

-11/21 (2x 3hr sessions)

Hello i was seen how are you? I like you  & the utube you have . Pretty nice.  Plus i an single. Been single more than my life. Learn how to plz  the woman beside myself.  It was a workout.  You are a person i am learning from,  pretty too.  Thank you 


I’m 78 years old, I find u soo attractive, ur beauty is increasing day by day & age is jus an number, let me say ur still look extremely hot & sexy, definitely an tasty 😋 snack. 🇧🇩🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧

Ur beautiful, talented, hot, sexy, mature, & very smart 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧

-fan from YouTube channel 11/21

You’re too mesmerizing. Absolute goddess. Thanks for casting your spell on me.

And I have to get it out there. As you know, your body is perfect. Literally the best boobs I’ve seen in some time. Like 100/10. Kinda wish there were more but I’m happy. Thanks again.  – Jo 11/21

You are actually the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. And I can tell you are an amazing person. You just have it all!

-IG B.W.

The Goddess outfit looks amazing.

You are one of the most beautiful women

I’d love to speak again soon about our sessions


I’m going back to San Francisco this weekend. I just want to say thank you so much for making my birthday very special this year. I don’t know when or even if I’ll ever get to see you again, so I’m glad we were able to enjoy our time together. A beautiful, sexy, voluptuous and good-hearted goddess like you doesn’t come into this world very often – that’s what makes you a goddess. You’re a rare breed. Blessings! – Anthony 7/21

Thanks so much, you were the best birthday treat I could have ever received. 🥰❤ – Anthony 6/21

I have been an ardent fan and follower of you for years and I find an awakend state watching ur YouTube videos and posts. I will keep loving you

Never seen a woman as divine as you ever, even ur voice is soothing to heart that when I feel down I just love to hear your positive words which fills the soul❤️

I affirm again that you are a woman of perfection and radiance of glory

  • Libin 6/21

There is no way you are 51… I can see you blossom and bloom everyday! I feel the energy from your profile. I’m impressed and appreciative there are amazing people  like you still out there.

Damn Sheea, that’s impressive! You’re practically a tantric Swiss Army knife- skills on skills. Plus you’re improving lives- love it.

-Joe, big Island

“If I was a lesbian, you would be my first choice… “– M.

Still so beautiful, I remember you well from The Source Festival in Maui over a decade ago. You made a lasting positive impression. I feel the sweet energy from afar with every reminder.- C.F.

I convey and express that even if it is impossible for you, my love for you will be lit forever with all the glow and it will never fade away

Oh goddess thanks a lot, you are god’s perfect creation and the epitome of woman beauty


You are the sexiest older woman I’d have the pleasure of talking to

❤️ Marcus, big Island

Happy Valentine’s Day, Sheea! Wish I were spending it with you, because who better to spend it with than the goddess of love herself in the flesh?

-Anthony, SF

Thank You for sharing…

You are a beautiful, amazing, shiny Goddess that absolutely deserves the best in this life. – Kyle

It was my first Tantra experience. It was life changing from the moment I laid my eyes on her exceptional beauty, upon entering her garden until the moment I walked out of the temple…
It was like waking up from a timeless dream full of peace and joy. In one word, She is divine – what the feminine was created to be.

Hello Goddess!! I hope you are enjoying Northern California! I miss seeing you when I come to San Diego-Such a pleasure meeting you out there-Not to mention having the honor of worshipping such a beautiful Goddess! The wonderful energy I felt with you was something I haven’t experienced since-What a pleasure to worship your precious/sexy feet-toes (Mermaid nails I remember!!) after your bike ride as well.  I will keep up with you, and I wish you the best in your endeavors, and I hope/pray that our paths cross again one day!! Be well, and blessings from Colorado! ~ John

“I saw  Venus one time and I was impressed with her warmth, directness and knowledge of all things carnal. Sheeva is an attractive woman with lovely endowments and a warm smile. She is direct and clear regarding her boundaries – What she offers and what she doesn’t .
She can coach you how to work with a woman’s  body and she was very responsive in giving you  feedback. Her sacred spot work was sensual and sensitive. The shower after the session was fun, bonding and relaxing. Sheeva’s home was organized, staged beautifully and easy to find.
We are all very fortunate to have this wonderful woman in our presence.~ John L., S.D., Sex Therapist

You are the sexiest woman I have ever met. You are very good at what you do!
~ David, CO

I saw your ad and am very interested. I actually had a few sessions with you a few years back when you were in Kahului. You are one of the most beautiful and sexy women I have ever met, so another opportunity to experience your delights would be great.
I am wanting to experience your great  intuitive massage, and have to honestly say that I have always been curious about the whole male g spot thing, and would also like the ability to massage you. I look forward to hearing back from you, and even more to experiencing you once again. ~ Patrick

Thank you for your beautiful tantric presence in my life…~ Jonathan, maui

It is amazing and odd (for da mind, not the heart) how by a first glance of your face, it is as though~I know you~~ From your exquisite outermost, to the tender Truth of your innermost, that shines through your smiling eyes, a simple knowing, without all the details… I barely know you~but I surely recognize your radiant charming soul. and am thankful to have beheld you… Shine on Goddess  ~Brian, Maui

I feel fantastic! I love you. Thank u so much, I’m so alive and bettered and proud to be your friend. And lucky to know you. That was an experience I will not easily forget! Thank you for showing me how to work with a woman’s body with more knowledge & confidence. I feel I have a real chance now in satisfying a woman…!

blur-9WOW, a real Goddess I can worship….and so good looking, who can understand what it feels like to have this need and yearning to worship beauty and class. Wish I could build a church just for You… No doubt the congregation would grow very fast…. 😉 Could start with a pedestal on which you could stand and where I could pray every day. Just say yes and I will be on my way to Home Depot to get all the needed material, and start building…. 😉
Just wanted to say Thanks and how I appreciate your sessions,
and may I call You Goddess….. pleeeease ? 😉
Dexter, L.A ~

I have to be honest… I am getting hooked on looking at your gorgeous mermaid~like charm~ radiant eyes ~sensual smile ~and luscous figure featured in such lovely~sexy outfits. hope you do not mind cannot believe how excited I get beholding you, a true goddess indeed because your innermost peaks so wonderously~piercingly thru you…
~ Ged

Venus, went through your pics again, I just wanted to say what an amazing women you are. Dynamic, flexible, sensual-healthy, intelligent, humorous, sensitive and the list goes goes on and on. You have achieved and accomplished so much, and come so far. I’m so grateful that I get to share time/energy/sessions with you and you have become my sunshine’s and shadow’s, connected and yet separate 🙂 You are a rare gift in my life, a rare women, a beautiful being – blooming in grace and love. I am blessed to have you in my life, my heart is a place of prayer. ~ Phil A.

Will you be available for sessions on my visit? You are by far the best I have been to, and the most beautiful. I would definitely love another session with you asap! ~ Tom

I’m sure you hear this a lot…..but I have to say that you are photogenic as all hell. I could stare at those photos of you in the apron for hours …………and have. You’ve got curves that make my mouth water.
Then to meet you in person & get to touch you…!! Probably redundant..but just had to share…!
~ Anthony, S.F.

Thanks for being the girl of my tantric dreams! ~ Jon, Santa Clara

Thank you so much for our session today.You brought so much good energy, and you gave me a lot to meditate on.I feel happy, and I want to say thank you! There was an ah ha moment as I was hanging my laundry this evening. About sex and happiness, and choice. I want to sleep on it, and write more about it with you later.
Thank you so much! ~ Rupert, Hollywood

I went through your pics again, I just wanted to say what an amazing women you are! Sending my love to you Venus, for all the experiences we shared together…. Loving you is one of the best choices i have ever made. ~ Dan, Santa Ana

Sweet Wishes, woman of my dreams. This is your day, more than any other woman. You Woman, example of any other archetype of every manifestation of female. Thanks Venus. I’m full of love that I have for you. Ciao ~ Maurizio

I was leaving the gym and your pic stopped me in my tracks. Yes, please put me down for my usual Wednesday appointment. Can’t wait! You inspire a man. The curves and sass are amazing. Quite sexy my friend. ~ Chad

Mmmmmm, you are a Woman like no other. Perfect. ~ Harrison, Maui

“With her warm ways, she’ll leave you wanting for more…almost too good to share. Really a rare find—a feast for all the senses!”

“Venus, Just wanted to say thanks for the positive changes you’ve created in my life through your work with me.”

“You’re a true Goddess of your craft. I’ve experienced the most pleasurable and erotic sensations at your hands, and yes, I’ve fallen under your spell and enjoy the g-spot magic you’ve practiced on me.”

“I look forward to growing, thriving and continuing our sessions.

“I’ve relaxed, become aware and accepting of my sexuality, and have been freed from two addictions (smoking & porn) that were hindering my progress in life. I’ve also begun a journey of transformation by implementing your suggestions, and in doing so, become more aware and conscious of beliefs and ways of thinking that have been holding me back.” – Dave, Oceanside,CA

“I have seen Venus 3 times and it just gets better every time. Our last session was as exciting and fun as i had expect it to be. Sheeva opened the door and greeted me in a sexy  costume showing her voluptuous body with all the nice curves that make me want to start the session right away. The session started with  Venus going over what we want to do in our session so that i can apply what i learn to real life situations regarding relationship with women. Then i got on the table to receive a wonderful therapeutic and sensual massage from her. Her soft hands & soft touch gave me a tingling sensation all over my body. Then it’s my turn to massage her which i enjoyed tremendously. The best part was i got to practice & be coached on how to work with a woman’s body. The Tantra session for me ended with her giving me a prostate massage, paying special attention to my G spot and erotic zones. Still the best part is yet to come as i got in the shower with Sheeva and we wash each other off in an intimate manner that i have never experienced with any one before. I’m intent on seeing Venusmany more times in the future. She’s a wonderful and fun tantra goddess to be with.”~ Tony P., Orange County, CA
*****Reviews from #1 online Ad & Verified Review Service in San Francisco called My Red Book:

“Skilled tantra goddess. Knowledgeable and very experienced tantrica.” ~ aguyinthesun

“Gorgeous, sexy goddess with a huge heart of gold!” ~ Ammo666

“Rare Find – she’s the Real Deal – beauty, intelligence, skilled & trained – Dream Woman” ~ jakeprosport

“Gave great and a complete  experience! ”~ lakefrontlarry

“Tantra Goddess, Sacred Body Worker, G-Spot Magician” ~ MrJohnSmith

“Gorgeous, sexy goddess with a huge heart of gold!” ~ Ammo66

blur-1“Very good experience, loved the interactive play, nice woman, sexy body with skills!” ~ liquidphoenix

“Tantra Goddess & Practitioner of G-Spot Magic”~ TheMysteriousMisterX

“Enjoyed  Venus enough to go for several sessions. Loved her soft skin, feminine curves, long hair, big brown eyes, beautiful face/smile, a great body…Yep, a great package. She starts with a slow massage. With you on your front, she teases you  by massaging all over you and then lays on top of you, so you can feel all of her, all over you. Slowly sliding… NICE! Sensuous. When you get to the facing up part, you have some decisions to make… Do you want to touch her? Yes, she’ll let you touch (within limits), Interactive she calls it, Do you want more of a geared up breath-work, tantra intense type session? Wanna play stimulation and  control games? or would you prefer anal stimulation and prostate massage? She’s really smooth and highly skilled at prostate work. Then I got a well schooled  Full body sensationary!. What I liked was she was always checking in to see what I liked, rather than just getting it over with. She took her time… When it was over, I loved the shower together! Just damn nice to feel a body like that in your hands, soap it down, moving my hands front and back, up and down. Memories!!! It NICE to have an interactive session. Girl has moves… Girls has curves… She has been schooled well. Enjoy!” ~ Philip, Encinitas

“With her warm ways, she’ll leave you wanting for more…almost too good to share.Really a rare find—a feast for all the senses! Words will not suffice, like being with your best long lost girlfriend. Take your pick. I can probably come up with a few dozen more complements, but will have to see you again…suffering from withdrawal. Am having fantasy dreams about having extended sessions with you. Trying not to gaze upon your pictures, as it makes my spine turn to jelly.”~ Steven, SJ

“I had seen  Venus‘ ads before, but I never went to her web page. I usually check out websites on most ads, but destiny must have wanted me to wait until the time was right. Yesterday, I saw her ad and this time, I ‘noticed’ the link to her website. I clicked in, went to her webpage and started reading. iI did not read far before I was on the phone setting up an appointment for the next morning. I went to her studio where she met me at the door. She is a beauty- a true woman, and it did not take long to realize that her beauty was both spiritually and physically. She explained how she works and asked me what I wanted to get from the experience. I got on her massage table where she started the tantric ritual and massage. Her touch ran chills down my body as I went into a calm state. After some time, I got to massage her. That was a dream come true for me, to massage a beautiful woman. Heavenly… addicting… I was in awe at what I was seeing and doing.Next came the sensual massage for me. Me, on my back. Her, wrapped in my legs and I got to look at her while she was massaging me to tantric bliss. Afterward, we showered together. There are several things Sheeva does that gives you that ‘next level’ service that no one else does. One is the showering together after, which, in my experience, is left to those in intimate relationships.I find writing this testimonial difficult. It sounds too simple. trite. It is hard to express how I feel, other than, I feel blessed to have been guided to her. Finding a lady like Sheeva is most rare and a treasure.”~ Pete S.

“Wow!!! I am in a state of awe and wonder! You are amazing!!! You are incredibly deep. You have an awesomely profound connection with Spirit and spirituality. You are fuckin’ gorgeous and love sharing sensuality and passion in ways that make me want to devour you and kiss your heart at the same time. You are a powerful manifestor and creator. And you are dedicated to creating meaningful healing in the sexual realms. All of these are incredibly meaningful to me, too! I so love our rich conversations interspersed with delicious touch, sweet caresses, and occasional outbursts of powerful passion. And I just love squeezing you close to me as my heart and body fill with desire! What a joy and a huge gift to have you in my life!!!I’m am soooo excited about the infinite possibilities I feel with you. I can’t wait to connect again next week. Thank you for being the bright, gorgeous, caring woman that you are.
With profound love and joy radiating from my heart to yours,” ~ F.B., Berkeley

blur-8“You’re worth it! My mind is blown, I tingle inside at your sight.. I have never been hit by a woman’s eyes and sex appeal via pics,, anyone,, anytime, sure Turned on, but not like this,,,as your irrisistible charm displayed in your Beautiful~provocative pics~You are a complete turn~on~that reaches into the very depths of me… A true Dakini~Yogini Shakti_Tantrica~ with a gift of Shaktipad,a sidhi(power)From Shakti’s very source~easily abused if not wielded with a loving honesty…I trust the sweetness of your eyes, and I think I am not foolish to trust what seems so inexplainable ,yet as I see TRUE. Yes I may be your biggest fan, though what do I know~I would not doubt that many behold your absolute sensual beauty,as it should it is..shine my sweet sister from another mother. I do adore you my dear.” ~ G.B.

“Sharing love with you is transforming.. I’ve never been with another woman that makes it all ok. Is it you or is it us Both?…. U make me less guarded. U feel so at ease, comfortable w me… Not just you but the whole world feels better”

“Thank u for a wonderful time. U have definitely changed my attitude about Tantra. I will not go to any other person. I will wait for u again. Thx!”

“:-) thank you for enriching my life.” – Ben, maui

“The beauty of your soul is exciting to my heart. I enjoy the flow of energy you inspire in me. Thanks for radiating the feminine for us all to receive and enjoy! You are a goddess!

“You are an amazing woman and you have so much to offer.
Take care my friend,
“~ Rick, Orange County

“Happy birthday Princess! You are to me. Want to remind you how rare you are. How beyond glad i am that i met you. And how proud i am of you. Your work is so important…… I just cant find anyone with your level of awareness, it baffles me! Its all amazingly good. I worship the divine goddess in you proudly my priestess!”~ Jim, Mission Beach

” I was leaving for the gym and your pic stopped me in my tracks! Yes, please put me down for my usual Wednesday appt. Can’t wait!
You inspire a man!!
The curves and sass are amazing.
Quite sexy my friend
“~ Chad xo

Wow listening to the divine Mother, what does she have in mind for such prized genetics like yours!….If everybody was as open and loving….. Praise to the divine goddess in all women! I remember when you said you would like to rest with me. I felt a sense of harmony never achieved in this life. I see that in this photo. You look as if you’re confident with the right connections you can do anything even in uncertain times. Dreamt of you last night and we rested briefly. Was so real, i missed you today. Thank you for being on path. You are beautiful and always have me as a dedicated friend Namaste”~ Matt T, CA

“Thank you so much for your time this morning, you are a truly beautiful woman and you posses an aura of confidence and
spirituality that is so enviable. You are truly gifted. The aura you possess, the way you handle yourself should inspire everyone you cross paths with to want to understand the practice of Tantra. I am extremely interested in what I have read on the links you provided. It is interesting that as I bounce through middle life, newly sober, how similar so many of the paths to god (for lack of a better term) involve clearing a path to truly communicate with our inner-voice and to re-establish our links to emotions, our god, our spirit. Please forgive my ‘newbie’ exuberance, this ‘searching’ is all really new to me. As an alcoholic, someone who typically drank every night to quash the ability to feel and hide from fears, every path that I talk about or attempt to experience is like a ‘mini awakening’ and I am so grateful.
Thank you for the wonderful experience!” ~ Sean

“Yes…but for my “great” love!…because the love that i have for you is really great….it’s hard not to feel like a luminous essence or divine emanation…for all the feelings that i feel every time i have you in my eyes, and from there, just for you. My love for you is very near to a veneration, that kind of veneration that tests only for what you feel distant, unreachable, perfect, but inclusive of all the meanings of life, of all that is significant for me. Thanks Venus, this is a thank for now, for tomorrow, for all my life, because my whole life your image, your essence will remain in my soul. You for me are as the light.That your life is full of happiness and of fragrant flowers. “Sweet wishes, woman of my dreams! This is your day, your more than all the other women. You Woman, example, the archetype of every manifestation of female! Thanks Venus, i’m full of love that i have for you! Ciao,”~ Maurizio

I made it back home, OK, Sheeva. And I’m still in total bliss. But I’m also thinking much more clearly too, which is also wonderful! I had such a wonderful time with you. Thank you for teaching me those wonderful techniques.I hope I can come back one day so you can offer me more therapy to train me on…Mahalo and God bless!

You’re an amazing woman, Sheeva. You’re beautiful, you have an amazing body, you’re sweet, caring, generous, giving and a wonderful therapist! I will definitely remember our amazing session for years to come! Thank you so much again, Sheeva, for everything!

  • Anthony, SF 12/19
  • Dear Goodess Sheeva, it was a real blessing that I got to see you and hear you. Across the distance a woman I never seen in real has never awakened me like u did. So much of trauma and blockage I had in life is just vanished hearing your talks and videos. You are a gods child with so much light and divinity inside. You just heal with ur heart. I bow down to ur divine energy. -Preston❤️


I am a Tantra Love & Relationship Expert, not an escort, & there is a huge difference between the two!  I am  primarily Educating & Healing, using the techniques of Tantric mysteries…

*8 o 8*8 6 6*Y S E S*