5star-300x174What is a “5-Star” Tantra Provider?

The List recognizes providers who have distinguished themselves by their professionalism, service and value.

Only 10% of all providers qualify. You are truly the “Best of the Best”!

Criteria used to award “5 Star” status include:

List “5 Star” Provider

  • Excellent overall Value
  • Great Reviews
  • Excellent Professionalism and Customer Service: trained/certified, reliable, reachable (working phone #, returns calls/emails promptly)
  • Highest level of Honesty and Integrity: honest ads, accurate pictures, no upselling
  • Great Location/Facility: convenient, easy parking/access, clean/attractive facility, shower
    Cooperates with other providers in networking, giving references, requests for information
  • Supports the List’s mission to improve professionalism, integrity and honesty in massage
  • Supports the List as a true “community” site: promotes site, membership, reviews, attends events, etc.

Creative Loving Empires

Sacred Loving Arts & Enlightened Intimacy with the Divine Feminine…..
Imagine walking into a Sacred Temple, greeted by your long awaited Dream Goddess….who is happy to see you.
My smile is warm, my eyes inviting….
You feast your eyes upon me…..my beauty….
& notice how wholesome & down to earth I am….
My sexiness is almost distracting
to the deeper truth, that I AM Love

5-star-2-300x174I Am the Divine Feminine
for you
right now, in this moment
to serve you…
to remind you of all you can be…
to love you just as you are…

And Teach you the Sacred Loving Arts…
Enter my Temple Gates….
Learn my Mysteries….
And you will walk out a changed man….

blur-6Dear S.,

You are now a List “5 Star” provider!

This recognition is given to only about 10% of all providers on the site (out of 550!) as a way of letting everyone know about your exceptional service.

I greatly appreciate your wonderful reviews, your support of the site, and your professionalism.

Best wishes,
CEO of The List San Diego


I am a Tantra Expert, not an escort, & there is a huge difference between the two!

austin near domain

*8 o 8*8 6 6*Y S E S* 


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