God/dess Academy

carpetSyllabus training to be a Tantra Healer and Educator

  • Tantra techniques
  • Marketing
  • Languaging on phone and in session
  • Appearance / style
  • Personal and business Boundaries
  • Professional website
  • Weaving spiritual with sexual
  • Sacred spot healing practice
  • Coaching skills
  • Formatting a session
  • Ambience
  • Tools and supplies needed
  • Safety practices
  • Location logistics
  • Creating your own niche in the market
  • Massage techniques
  • Sensory play for relaxation
  • Timing & languaging of spiritual ritual
  • Screening new clients
  • Client files
  • Legal considerations
  • Five love languages to use in session
  • Intake process for new clients
  • Sexual performance coaching
  • Understanding a woman’s body
  • Understanding a Man ‘s body
  • Breathing techniques to enhance orgasm
  • Elevator speech for benefits of Tantra
  • Logistics of the session
  • Working with couples
  • Working with men compared to women
  • Intuition and channeling information
  • Creating a tight and safe container for healing
  • Pricing
  • Immaculate Integrity
  • Tantra philosophy from various cultures
  • Tj Tantra resources & Schools
  • Sex magic manifesting supplementation for sexual performance enhancement
  • Education on what decreases sexual performance
  • Techniques addressing premature ejaculation
  • Techniques promoting sexual endurance
  • Nutritional considerations
  • Spiritual sexual initiation
  • Kink/BDSM options for healing
  • Role-playing for healing
  • Conscious communication and asking for what you want
  • Offering package deals
  • White pink & red Tantra
  • Care packages
  • Native American Tantra
  • Nine genital types of women
  • Nine genital types of men
  • Sexual etiquette
  • Relationship and Love coaching
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Sexual intelligence
  • Relational intelligence
  • Teaching safe sex practices
  • Creating educational and experiential events
  • Mystery school education


  •  by phone
  • Or  in person

So you want to be a

SarasvatiLakshmiGanapati-LoResTANTRA HEALER & EDUCATOR?

Example of PAST EVENT ~

For those who wish to become Tantra Practitioners or who just want to learn tantra… Q & A afterwards. This is demonstrating how to do a Sexual Healing Tantra session from beginning to end, including

  • Specific languaging throughout each portion of the session
  • How to weave Spirituality into your sessions
  • Education, Massage, Mutual Interaction, & Tantra Techniques demonstrated
  • Demonstrating my most popular Signature session with all my secrets that I’ve compiled over 16 years into a 1.5 hr session

Male attendees –

Female attendees –

Female established practitioners of five years or more. Attending to upgrade practice–

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