Spiritual Tantra,  Sexual &. Relationship -Intelligence Coaching

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Austin, TX

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8 min Phone or 15m Texting $47

15m Phone  $85

30m / $179

🎥 Video Clips of me on video custom just for you

$47 ea


Popular Adding to text / phone sessions

-Bikini, Costume, & Glam $13 ea or 5 / $47

⚜️-Pinup / lingerie $15 ea or 5 / $59

(20 @ $169)

⚜️-Nudes $17 ea or 5 / $69

(20 @ $179)

I can walk you through on the phone what I’d be doing moment by moment in your session when you come in person….

OR clients use this as a meet & greet on the phone & we can go over in detail the kind of fantasy you’d like to fulfill…

  • This is a good intro to get to know me… Great when you need a pick me up between sessions or are Traveling …

OR it can be highly educational if you’d like an Intro to Tantra & its practices to get an understanding of this fascinating realm that  promotes body mastery and enhanced full body orgasms…

OR I can put on my Certified Wellness Counselor cap & coach you on anything from Cutting edge Nutrition to Relationships & Effective Communication…especially if you have just suffered a loss & are mourning the loss of your past relationship…

OR if you would like Image Coaching to prepare you to Attract Mr/s Right into your life, we can focus on creating more Success in your relationships…

☎️ Phone & In-person
Tantra, Pleasure, Intimacy, Love & Relationship Coaching

With *Sheeva
Tantric High Priestess
Masters in Education, CTE, CWC
Austin, TX

“Knowledge is Power

Sexual Knowledge is Sexual Power

add Integrity

and you have True Conscious Sexual Power

contributing to the Happiness & Highest good of all…”

-Sheeva 11/21

☎️  Tantra Training by Phone  ☎️

I cover a lot of Educational ground within minutes so this can be a powerful way to quantum leap with the help of a Specialist…

💎Intimacy Training by FaceTime or Video 

🏆*Customized In-person Training*

 …for Clients seeking a Customized Experience

or Students in the field wishing to upgrade their expertise

Or who are in my Certification process…

People like to connect with me on the phone for several reasons. One, just to make an initial connection with me before an in-person session. Two, to learn about Tantra. Three, two have me walk them through a session and what we do. Four, for support because you have a situation that’s been going on that needs to be broken through. And five, I do spiritual readings based on your birthday that can give us both a lot of information about how you’re rigged for love/ relationship.

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