I often work with women to empower them to reach their full potential emotionally, physically,  spiritually, and sexually to Embody the Goddess they have always been.   Book one of the following sessions to see  how we can upgrade your life  today!

 1 hour Session $195 in person

$169 /hr Phone Coaching/ Education

  • Customized Sessions with any combination of Services from….

  • Pamper Palace Day Spa

  • Empowerment Coaching

  • Goddess Lifestyle Services

  • Tantra Sexual Activation

You can mix & match the following services to customize your personal session to meet your unique needs…

Pamper Palace Day Spa

  • Sensory Bodywork

  • Face or Foot Reflexology Massage

  • Body Scrub

  • Facial Mask or Scrub

  •  Eye, neck,  &  décolleté Treatment

  • Beauty/ Image/ Fashion Consult

  • Spiritual Astrology/ Numerology/Tarot Reading

The following Services are available to groups as well…

Renaissance Woman of Holistic Living

  • Cutting Edge Weight Loss

  • How to eat for your Blood type

  • How to eat for your Body type

  • Ayervedic approach to Health/ Wt loss

  • Cutting Edge Nutrition

  •  Plant based food  Lifestyle

  •  Cutting-edge beauty and nutrition Supplementation

  • Healthy Home & Lifestyle Practices

  •  Feng shui Consultation

Empowerment Coaching

  • Attracting Mr Right

  • Manifesting Your Dreams

  • How to Be a Goddess

  • Nvc  compassionate Communication & Relationship Skills

  •  Spiritual  Coaching

  •  Feng shui  harmonization

  •  Fusion of Astrology, numerology,  & Tarot Reading  with the Love and Destiny Card Atlantis System


  •  Expanding your skills and knowledge of Women’s Health/ Sex Ed

  •  Expanding your skills and knowledge of Men’s Health/ Sex Ed

  • Female Ejaculation Education – Amrita

  • NAH G-spot Healing

  •  Kundalini Activation

  • Understanding Male sexuality