What a great way to Launch a Newlywed or established couple for Tantric Sexess in the Bedroom!

Are you a Couple ready to go to the next level with each other & re-ignite your spark!

These sessions are a combination of coaching, tantra education and hands-on experiential Tantra & sexual Empowerment. I customize it to your needs & interests…

  • 4 handed massage
  • Tantra Practice
  • Fur & feathers sensory play,
  •  Customized upgrades like overcoming ED or premature ejaculation, etc.
  • 9 Lover Types are you? Which type are you & what type is your Lover? Very useful blueprint to get best results…
  • Conscious Communication Strategies are a must for sustainable long term relationship, saving you both a lot of drama…& Learning the 5 Love Languages will give you insight into how each other is rigged & what will be most effective in conveying love to your partner.
  • You owe it to yourselves to upgrade your Sexual Lives with each other!

One session can improve your relationship dramatically because Tantra is a Life-changing Experience!  You are Holding the keys to improving your relationship on multiple levels, so what are you waiting for!!

Tantra Couples Educational Coaching

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Tantra Education , Relationship, & Communication Skills for Couples…




****1 hour 30 minutes  – $1.2 K🎉

  • Designed to focus on 1 of you… 

    like if it’s your birthday…or 

    celebrating your Promotion…

    Or if you need the most support to get you to your next level of sexual expression…

  •  *Or you can each have a hands on experience…

  • ****2 hours – 1595🎉

Enough time for it to be  Experiential for both of you…!

****3 hrs / 3K “Happy Couple” 🎉

****4 hrs VIP 4K “Tantric Luxury”🎉

****6 hours VIP 6K “Elite Mastery”🎉

Experienced in two sessions of 3 hours each…

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The following  are options for focus …

  • 5 Love Languages

  • Conscious Communication Strategies

  • * 9 Lover Types

  • Fur & Feathers Sensory Play

  • 4 Handed Massage

  • Sexual Healing Techniques

  • Care Packages for you to take home


Testimonials –

“Hello Sheeva Venus, I just wanted to tell you how much you helped me and Melody. I feel you might sometimes never know how important your decision to do this for a living was….. You made us happy. Thanks. ” – J & M,   Nevada

” We were so impressed with your knowledge and professionalism. Can’t tell you how much this experience inspired us in our endeavor to enhance our expression of love for each other. Such fascinating Tantra knowledge and so  effective in assisting us passed our hurdles. Not to mention that it was so fun and sacred at the same time! ” – K & R, L.A.

”  Venus , we are so thrilled we found you! You gave us more than we bargained for and are so grateful for the experience you provided for us. It was so healing and nursing for our relationship. Thank you for   Being an advocate in our intimacy building and having the relationship skills to go with all the fun and pleasure! I was surprised how comfortable I felt with you and am still surprised at how spiritual This experience was in addition to the hands-on magic… Thank you again for an investment  Worth every penny! ” – C & S, Michigan

” my husband was so relieved to have you share the techniques that have really made a difference for us! It’s empowering to understand and practice some deeper techniques that are working for us.  Had no idea what a life changer this was going to be! Thank you for your care and healing powers as we are enjoying ourselves in a whole new way that we didn’t think possible. Our time with you was a  highlight for us in Maui! Just had to let you know how grateful we are… ” – G & J,  San Diego

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I am a Tantra Expert, not an escort, & there is a huge difference between the two!