blur13Imagine walking into a Sacred Temple, greeted by your long awaited Dream Goddess.

My smile is warm, my eyes inviting. My sexiness is almost distracting.

I am the Divine Feminine to serve you, to remind you of all you can be,
to love you just as you are and teach you the Sacred Loving Arts.

Enter my Temple Gates and learn my mysteries. You will walk out a changed man….

Mother Earth Incarnate, our Divine Mother, Keeper of the Tantric Mysteries,
She is the Ultimate Goddess of Love, She IS Love, for you, through me…

Safe, Clean, Spiritual Haven & Conscious Inclusive Environment.

Come to learn, grow, enjoy, heal, expand, and upgrade your Love Skills! Sessions are designed for you to attain Skill sets in

Body mastery

Energetic mastery

Love & Romance mastery

Communications/ Relationship mastery…

Especially in the bedroom! (Where even the skills we do have tend to go out the window!) LOL

Also, “Tantra for Christians “

“When the missionary position just isn’t cutting it anymore!“

“Everything they don’t want you to know about Tantra & Sacred Sexuality!”

Inclusive Environment Welcoming :





same sex couples

-Established couples who are ready for the next step & Re-igniting their Spark !

-Spiritual and/or Christian individuals & couples

-18 and older seeking to attain Education & skills you can use for the rest of your life!

-Individuals seeking an outlet for Self-care and/or whose partner chooses to be sexually dormant

-Those seeking greater success with the opposite sex

-Those who have been out of the Dating game for a while and seek to build confidence in their skills again

By phone or in person

Ctl Austin, TX

For current rates –

Call Sheeva now!  €*808*866*YSES


I am a Tantra Expert, not an escort  🕊