blur06The Full Package….

Archetypes I Embody –


~Self-made Woman
~Renaissance Woman

Ethnicity: Cherokee, English, German, Scottish, Dutch

March 4, Pisces
Numerology 6 “Enlightened Community”

Tarot – 6 Spades &
Ruling planet – Queen Clubs – “Spiritual”

Empowered & Inspired in Experiencing the Divine Feminine…

Creator of “How to find your  compassionate voice in the Bedroom ” training  series

Creator of “Which Lover type are you ?” based on the five love languages and the Native American lover types

I am highly equipped to Assist you, not just Tantrically, but in multiple areas of Life –

Physical Health, Socially, Spiritually, Mentally, Conscious Communication, Emotionally, Relationally…

blur07Professional Love & Intimacy Coach, preparing you for Successful Sustainable Partnerships, much like The Love Doctor, as demonstrated in the movie, Hitch..

It’s not everyday you come across a Tantric Priestess who’s also intelligent, highly trained & skilled….plus rooted in being spiritual with a healthy, active lifestyle… entrepreneurial & emotionally intelligent….!

All that pales in comparison to being loving, good natured, & highly feminine, with advanced communication skills…

Needless to say, You are in good hands!


B.S. at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA in Sociology

M.A. Education at Univ. of Tennessee

Specialization in Cultural Studies

Trained by:

Charles Muir of Source School of Tantra Yoga, Levels 1-3 as an Advanced Certified Tantric Educator CTE, 2010-2011

Baba Dez’s International School of Temple Arts, ISTA & Annual Conference 2011 & 2013

Quodoushka – Native American Shamanic Tantra, Levels 1-3, 2012

Carolyn Muir of the Institute of the Divine Feminine & Awakened Masculine 2009

Heart Intelligence 2 month Program 2016

Six-month Tantra School in Sebastopol California with Evelena Rose

O. Meditation OM, level 1, 2012

Reid Mihalko in Energetics & Conscious Relationship Communication

 Tantrapalooza and Polypalooza Conferences 

Kamala Devi –
Beyond Monogamy Master Course – level 1/ 6 wks

Compassionate Communication -NVC, Level 1-3 since 2008 with Scott Catamas & weekly Maui Practice Groups

Zegg Forum ( Community Building Practice ), trained Facilitator since 2008 in Maui  and in  weekly committed practice groups
Psy-K 1 & 2, 2009 Portland

7 “Network for a New Culture ” Camps of community building in cutting-edge culture/ Communication & Relationship skills

13 Spiritual Sufi Camps in Kaenae, Maui 2005=20016

Landmark Forum 1 & 2, 2009 Portland

People Synergistically Involved, PSI Seminars, levels 1-4, 2003-2004, N Bay, CA

Human Awareness Institute HAI, Levels 1-9, 2012-2013 at Harbin

blur-8Educated in Astrology, Numerology, & Tarot

Peak Potentials, 2012 S Diego, CA

Active member for 2 yrs in San Diego’s cutting edge Tantra & Open relationship Community including Co-Facilitating monthly creative Theme Pujas with Monique Darling

Attended Workshops & events by Kamala Devi, Ran Baron, Shawn Roop, Chris Luth,  Monique Darling, Reid Mihalko,  Kelly Bryson, Scott Catamas, etc

Tanya Palusa’s 6 wk Tribal Truth series on Healing between the Masculine & Feminine,  Women’s Leadership group, and Women’s Mastermind group San Diego 2013, 2015

Certified Wellness Coach through The Wellness Institute of Untherapy, Hawaii 2002

Bach Flower Essences & Homeopathics Training, 2013 San Diego

Cutting Edge Nutritional Consultant since 1995 (Grew up in this field)

Spa experience in:

Red Laser & disc for Pain Relief
Mini Facelift Laser
Body Scrubs
Founder of Creative Loving Empires
Spiritual Tantra Educator
“Enlightened Intimacy” Coach

Sacred Loving Arts & Enlightened Intimacy Coaching with the Divina Feminique…

Education, Healing, & Resources for Well-Being, Intimacy, & Relationships with a Sacred Perspective

Goddess Academy, Founder- Empowering women through Education, Coaching, & Tantra Training

God/dess Tribe, Founder & Leader of Women’s Holistic Community Theme Events in Hawaii, 2004-2006

Holistic Association of Hawaii, Founder, 2002-2006

Renaissance Woman of Holistic Living, Cutting Edge Nutrition, Beauty, & Holistic Therapies Educator in Hawaii Adult Education & University of Hawaii, Maui


Widely Traveled overseas all over Europe – 18 cities in 2014

13 Countries on Westmont Europe Semester 1994, including the Holy Land Program

1991 Spiritual & Performing Arts Program through YWAM  in S. CA  to Finland, Estonia, & Russia

2008 Bali Sufi Dancing Spiritual Retreat

2009 India including Babaji’s Ashram at Herachan with Sondra Ray’s Rebirthing Program where I was given my spiritual name by the Guru – of Sita, translated as “Ideal woman, wife of Lord Ram”

Kihei Rd / Kam 1, Maui, Hawaii