Sheea-tantra-transformation-blur-89ALCHEMY OF SPIRITUALITY & SENSUALITY

Tantra Education separates the men from the boys so let me equip you to be a god!

In a nutshell, Tantra Knowledge & Techniques are Sacred Wisdom of the Ancients, suppressed because of its Power & Mystery…& its ability to Activate us into Full Potential. Sometimes the Powers-that-be don’t want the masses empowered in this way. Tantra also brings the Sacred Feminine back into balance with the Masculine, which is why men have such success in using it with women. Tantra is also known for weaving Spirituality back into our Sexualuality.


  • Men, Do you know where your G spot is?
  • Do you know what to do with your G spot?
  • Are you ready to go to your next level of Sexual Awakening?
  • Do you know how to have multiple full body orgasms?
  • Do you know how to orgasm without letting go of your Life Force ejaculate?
  • Have you ever experienced a Blended Orgasm?
  • Do you know how to make love for hours with ease?
  • Would you like to be more Masterful in Pleasuring a woman?
  • Are you ready for the Spiritual practice of Sex Magic?
  • Do you sense there’s a lot more to Sex than you are experiencing?
  • Would you like to know which of the 9 Anatomy Lover types you are?
  • Do you need support & tools for Impotence?

Fully Embodied Tantric Priestess serving to download empowering mysteries…to Activate you to your next level of Empowerment as a man…

Let me empower you with my Healing Feminine Essence, & the knowledge & techniques to experience Love & connection on a higher level…!

Highly trained Dakini Priestess offering a combination of the mysteries of Sacred Spiritual with Sensual exquisite Bodywork, Tantric Empowerment, & Loving playful Connection.

mermaid3Bask in the Exquisite paradise of my Transformative Presence & surrender to your the Divine Feminine…

Sacred Healing Temple
Sacred Loving Arts & Enlightened Intimacy

Trained through 5 Major Tantra Certification Schools :

  • International School of Temple Arts ISTA
  • The Divine Feminine, Awakened Masculine Institute
  • Advanced Graduate of Charles Muir’s School of Tantra Yoga
  • Quodoushka – Native American Shamanic Tantra
  • Human Awareness Institute (HAI) Levels 1-9
  • Not to mention countless Mentors and workshops in Hawaii, Portland, & California.

I have the best career in the world & I absolutely love what I do!

Call me now….to reserve your personal one on one time with Your Goddess …The Embodiment of Venus, Lakshmi, & the Renaissance Woman all rolled up into one!

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 Can’t wait to meet you!

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?10 in 1 Lifestyle Makeover & Relationship Coach
Masters in Education, CTE, CWC

❤️Relationship Coach❤️
~Cutting-edge Spirituality, Sexuality/Tantra/Intimacy/Love and Relationship Skills
~Emotional Intelligence, & Boundaries
~Conscious Communication Skills
~ Upgraded Success in Sustainable Partnership
~Dating Etiquette Success
~?Twin flame & Karmic Relationship Support
~ Inner Divine Masculine & Feminine Integration
~ Everything they didn’t want you to know about Sex
~ Conscious Sexuality for Christians

♣️♦️Atlantis Love & Destiny Prophetic Astro/Numero Readings ♠️♥️

?10 in 1 Lifestyle Makeovers ?
~Cutting edge Nutrition & Weight loss
~Spiritual Transformation
~Feng Shui
~Image/Fashion/Beauty Consultant
Coaching of any Combination of above Skill Sets by phone or in person
39 for 15 m
79  for 30 m
159 for 1 hr

Take $30 off for a package of three or more…

Masters in Education, CTE, CWC

Kihei Rd / Kam 1, Maui, Hawaii